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ZEBx is a collaborative platform that strengthens the public, private, and civic capacities for zero-emission buildings in Vancouver and British Columbia.
Discover actionable insights, innovative technologies, and strategies to promote zero-carbon projects in this report.
Learn more about what your municipality can do before the code arrives.
Budgeting for weatherization first allows for a smaller system while maintaining comfort and reducing costs in heat pump retrofits.
The most extensive panelized Deep Energy Retrofit carried out in Canada, and it’s in Edmonton!
A guide that offers municipalities and policymakers insights into the role existing buildings are expected to play in meeting Canada’s decarbonization goals.
A recorded webinar about the supports and services ENBIX offers, how we collaborate, and how to get involved.
This report, relevant beyond Edmonton, offers policy tools to align building codes with emissions goals.
A case study that can be used by builders and designers to explore the option of constructing to Passive House standard in multi-family residential applications.
This project explores the option of constructing to net-zero and Passive House standards. Goals were to create an affordable, multi-generational, net-zero, Passive House home with …
A resource for builders to attend training, webinars, access contact lists etc. to learn of options to build to net-zero and how to provide information …
Is a Net Zero Renovation right for your home? Whether you own a single detached, townhome, duplex, or rowhouse, homeowners can take this 10 question …
This guide explains tiered codes, the advantages of adopting an ambitious tier, and how municipalities can use the new codes to achieve net-zero emissions by …
Paul Chaulk, Senior Director at Northern Lakes College, oversees the operation of the college’s first net-zero campus in High Prairie, AB.
Kristin is truly an industry leader in Alberta as she has brought the Carbon Leadership Forum to the province.
David Campbell is an experienced builder with a background that spans multiple sectors in carpentry and real estate development.
A repository of case studies in European historic buildings shows how to renovate to achieve high levels of energy efficiency while respecting and protecting their …
Information on how residential builders and designers may achieve their near net zero energy efficiency targets in current and upcoming codes.
A guide to assist municipal staff in initiating deep energy retrofit building projects within their municipality,
ENBIX officially launched on December 7, 2023. Watch the recorded launch event presentation to see how it went.
An energy, emissions, and cost overview of the CoE’s emissions-neutral buildings technical study.
Report on the electrification of residential buildings in Alberta, covering aspects such as the Watt Diet, appliance swapping, load-sharing devices, and a few examples of …
Ready to transform your home into an energy-saving powerhouse? Learn more about creating an energy retrofit plan for your home.
There are many myths to heat pumps and their effectiveness in Canada’s cold climate. Read this report to get the facts.
This Building Innovation Reference Centre contains data, information and results from building demonstration projects currently underway in Alberta.
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