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An overview of the updates to the NBC – Alberta Edition and compliance with Tier 1 energy code requirements.
An Albertan homeowner and contractor completed a full deep energy retrofit to net zero.
Overview of performance vs. prescriptive paths in the NBC – Alberta Edition, detailing requirements and compliance considerations.
A guide for building professionals whose work provides opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and Deep Energy Retrofits.
This guide is for Canadian municipalities seeking to reduce energy waste and emissions in new construction.
Panelists cover the challenge ahead and the tools that can help us accelerate deep energy retrofits in Alberta.
Calgary Climate Symposium 2023 – video describing what’s next for Alberta’s “Emissions Neutral Building Information Exchange” (ENBIX).
Building Emissions Accounting for Materials (BEAM) – tool to estimate a building’s carbon footprint.
Calgary’s Climate Ready Home Guide provides tips and resources for renters and homeowners to mitigate the impacts of climate hazards.
There are many myths to heat pumps and their effectiveness in Canada’s cold climate. Read this report to get the facts.
Ready to transform your home into an energy-saving powerhouse? Learn more about creating an energy retrofit plan for your home.
Report on the electrification of residential buildings in Alberta, covering aspects such as the Watt Diet, appliance swapping, load-sharing devices, and a few examples of …

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