Zero Emissions Building Exchange

Author/Contributor: ZEBx

Alberta Context: ZEBx is based out of British Columbia and focuses on resources, tools and solutions that work in BC. Users should be aware that there are significant differences in climate zones, grid emissions factors and overall construction techniques. However, some resources have useful information for the Alberta context. 


ZEBx – Zero Emissions Building Exchange operates much the same as ENBIX.

ZEBx is a collaborative platform that strengthens the public, private and civic capacities for zero emission buildings in Vancouver and British Columbia. They are an industry hub that facilitates knowledge exchange to accelerate market transformation.

Check out their site for;

  • Case studies & Reports
  • Podcasts, Videos and Slides
  • Events & Training
  • Resource Library
  • Newsletters

This resource can be used by anyone interested in zero emissions buildings. Whether you’re an architect, designer, developer, builder, contractor, consultant, work in government or with an industry association, ZEBx has resources and events to help with your journey to zero emissions.

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