Sundance Housing Cooperatives Journey to Net-Zero

Author/Contributor: Retrofit Canada 

Alberta Context: This case study occurs at the Sundance Housing Cooperative in Edmonton, Alberta.  Until now, this project is the most extensive panelized Deep Energy Retrofit ever carried out in Canada.


The Sundance Housing Co-op has existed for over 40 years in Edmonton. It is home to almost 100 members and 35 children and borders across 78 units. 

Over the years, the co-op has been an early adopter of environmentally friendly practices, incorporating better insulation, water conservation, and recycling initiatives into their units. Recognizing the urgency of climate action, Sundance committed to a Deep Energy Retrofit to achieve net-zero emissions. 

In 2016, the co-op applied for funding, and despite initial setbacks, secured support from Natural Resources Canada in 2019, totaling $2.5 million for pilot retrofit and future projects. “This retrofit reduces the energy needs of Sundance Housing’s buildings by 70-80%, and eliminates the need for gas lines. The Co-op is installing solar panels that will produce more than 75% of the remaining energy demand.” pg. 1 ,

Sundance is eager to share its experiences with panelized (prefabricated panels) Deep Energy Retrofits and what they’ve learned.  Read more and view the case study here.


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