Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice are spaces for discussion and problem-solving.

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Communities of Practice focus on important issues in the emissions-neutral building industry. Each community has its own goal and operational plan.

ENBIX Calgary

ENBIX Calgary

The ENBIX Calgary Community of Practice is for the Calgary building industry. This group will identify Calgary-specific challenges and opportunities, and showcase success stories in the Calgary region.

Participants with direct experience or knowledge related to buildings in Calgary are welcome to join.

View the Terms of Engagement.

Training Alliance

The Training Alliance Community of Practice aims to help building industry members grow their skills and knowledge around emissions-neutral buildings. This Community of Practice is currently under development. 

It will:

  • Promote existing training opportunities to people across the building industry.
  • Identify gaps so that ENBIX can support the development and delivery of new training opportunities.
  • Explore the barriers that exist for course uptake to improve delivery of innovative solutions.

The Training Alliance will work with relevant partners, including those that regulate or require professional development credits for their associations.

Participants in the Community of Practice will include academics from post-secondary institutions and other training organizations in Alberta.

The following groups expressed their support for this initiative:

  • MacEwan University
  • Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • The Construction Innovation Centre at the University of Alberta
  • The Sustainable Campus Collaborative
  • University of Calgary
Municipal Administrators

An opportunity for municipal administrations across Alberta to connect on all aspects of their emissions-neutral building programming.

Embodied Carbon: Carbon Leadership Forum Alberta

CLF Alberta


As a local hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF), CLF Alberta co-ordinates local events that empower industry professionals to reduce embodied carbon from buildings and infrastructure. This refers to carbon associated with the manufacture of materials used in building projects. 

CLF is a volunteer-run Community of Practice, hosted by ENBIX.

If you’d like to join a Community of Practice, or want to create a new one.

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