The “Envelope First Approach” to Heat Pump Retrofits – Video

Author/Contributor: Natural Resources Canada

Alberta Context: With all the conversations around heat pump use in Alberta, this video provides insight into what is needed to make a heat pump installation a reality and cost effective: investing in a home building envelope first to reduce heating costs and size of equipment.


When considering a heat pump retrofit or an HVAC upgrade for your home, prioritize a building envelope inspection first. Assess the insulation, windows, and building leaks to optimize efficiency. Consider factors like ductwork, space dimensions in your mechanical room, and heating requirements for a successful heat pump retrofit. 

Allocating a portion of your renovation budget to weatherization allows for a smaller system while maintaining comfort and reducing heating loads and costs.

Check out NRCan’s Toolkit for Sizing & Selecting Air Source Heat Pumps.

Watch the video here.

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