Policy Tools for Achieving Energy Efficient & Emissions Neutral Buildings in Edmonton

Author/Contributor: Efficiency Canada, Alberta Ecotrust, Carleton University

Alberta Context: This report was written for the elected officials and administration of the City of Edmonton, yet it is relevant for many other Alberta municipalities, regardless of size, as well as environmental NGOs, and individuals invested in seeking to adopt emission-reducing solutions in newly constructed buildings.


The policy tools presented in this report may be used to bridge the gap between today’s building codes and Edmonton’s goal of achieving emissions-neutral new construction. 

The tools included in the report include regulatory, incentive-based (rezoning, density bonus policies, etc.), and education/awareness tools. 

Barriers were examined, such as the legal authority to implement advanced policies related to the new construction of all residential and commercial buildings in Alberta. 

Read the research report here that indicates Edmonton is ready and well-positioned to start building emissions-neutral buildings today. Albertan municipalities can exhibit leadership by establishing emission-neutral building requirements through the powers in the City Charter or a Green Development Standards approach.

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