Zero Carbon Building Strategy Report

Author/Contributor: SSRIA, Integral Group, SAIT

Alberta Context: It speaks to common barriers in Alberta, such as political barriers, energy cost, Alberta’s climate, grid emission intensity as well as benefits such as solar potential. 


This report serves as an industry assessment and implementation forecast for both new and existing buildings in Alberta, aiming to support, stimulate, and promote low-carbon projects. 

Attention in recent years has been focused on renewable energy sources and the reduction of GHGs. Despite emphasis on renewable energy and building performance, recent policies lack focus on carbon emissions (both embodied and operational), which is critical given that over half of current buildings occupied today, will still be in use by 2050. 

The report identifies building archetypes and barriers to adoption, ECMs relevant to each building type, and technologies that support carbon emission reductions. 

Download the full zero-carbon building report here.


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