Calgary’s Climate Ready Home Guide provides tips and resources for renters and homeowners to mitigate the impacts of climate hazards.
LEEP high-performance wall guide series helps your project reduce emissions or achieve net zero
A guide to assist municipal staff in initiating deep energy retrofit building projects within their municipality,
Ready to transform your home into an energy-saving powerhouse? Learn more about creating an energy retrofit plan for your home.
Information on how residential builders and designers may achieve their near net zero energy efficiency targets in current and upcoming codes.
This guide explains tiered codes, the advantages of adopting an ambitious tier, and how municipalities can use the new codes to achieve net-zero emissions by …
A guide that offers municipalities and policymakers insights into the role existing buildings are expected to play in meeting Canada’s decarbonization goals.
A guide for building professionals whose work provides opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and Deep Energy Retrofits.
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