Guide to Near Net Zero Residential Buildings

Author/Contributor: NAIMA

Alberta Context: All three of Alberta’s climate zones (6,7A,7B) are covered in this guide that was published in British Columbia


This guideline provides information on how residential builders and designers may achieve their near net zero energy efficiency targets in current and upcoming codes. 

It’s intended to be an industry resource for designing and constructing low energy use residential buildings using mineral fibre insulation without compromising other aspects of building performance including moisture management, airtightness, and durability.

It includes the description of near net-zero construction benefits; like improved occupant comfort and indoor air quality, climate adaptation/climate change resilience, reduced energy consumption, and lower GHG emissions.

The guide is limited to Part 9, wood-frame construction, with a focus on British Columbia, but the principles in this guide can be applied to Alberta’s climate and conditions. It includes construction details of important aspects of transitions between assemblies of walls, roofs, and exterior slabs.

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