LEEP NZE Wall Guides

Author/Contributor: Natural Resources Canada

Alberta Context: This guideline was created for use across Canada and includes all the variations of Canadian Climate Zones in Alberta. 


Canadian homebuilders are looking to shift to high-performance wall systems. These high-performance walls have improved thermal performance, reduced thermal bridging, airtight building enclosures, water-protection systems, and use effective vapour barriers. This series of guides offers insights to address these challenges to help your project reduce emissions or reach net zero. 

These guides examine and explain four generic high-performance light-frame wood construction above-grade wall assemblies.  They include 3D illustrated images and construction details, and each wall assembly presents a range of R-values suited for use in net-zero energy construction and tiered energy code compliance.

Appendix A & B present guidance on product and material selection for the wall assemblies.

The series of seven documents includes:

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