Calgary – Climate Ready Home Program

Author/Contributor: City of Calgary

Alberta Context: This guide is written for Calgary but most of the information is relevant to all Albertan municipalities.


Due to climate change, Calgary’s summers are becoming hotter and drier, leading to more frequent and severe hazards such as wildfire smoke, extreme heat, hail, and flooding. These conditions increase risks to homes, properties, and health. To address these challenges, renters and homeowners can take simple steps to prepare for and adapt to climate-related impacts. The guide includes safety tips, no-cost home maintenance ideas, and advice for larger renovation projects, helping to protect homes, health, and finances from extreme weather events.

Key Resources: 

These documents summarize ways to protect your home and health from climate hazards such as:

Climate-ready measures for the home:

This section outlines measures to mitigate the impacts of increasingly likely and severe climate hazards in Calgary. It includes general advice and information on roofs and exterior walls, HVAC, annual and seasonal home maintenance, landscaping, water management, and more.

To view all the information and resources available on the climate-ready home guide website click here. 

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