A Guide to Deep Energy Retrofits

Author/Contributor: SSRIA, SAIT, Retrofit Canada

Alberta Context: This guideline was written in Alberta (SAIT) and can be applied across Canada. 

Summary: Read the full guide to Deep Energy Retrofits here.

Deep Energy Retrofits can reduce your home’s energy use by 50% or more. This guide is primarily for building professionals whose work provides opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and effective Deep Energy Retrofits:

  • General Contractors
  • Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Energy Consultants (Advisors)
  • Architects
  • Tradespeople

It will also be useful to homeowners, building owners, educators, and advocates. It is intended to provide information associated with deep energy retrofits and to help users identify a pathway for retrofitting to net-zero emission performance for existing single-family homes. Although focused on single-family homes, the principles are applicable to other building types.

The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Define Deep Energy Retrofits (DER) and explain how they support Canada’s emission reduction goals
  • Provide process considerations through a general retrofit roadmap
  • Provide guidance through content and case studies

 Image from: p.9, A Guide to Deep Energy Retrofits

“While there are some homes that should not conceive of a DER project, the reality is that very few homes are a totally bad candidate. Most will not be ideal but workable, and some will be easy. We have to stop separating DER from traditional renovations (kitchen, bath, style) as likely these needs are going to weave into the initial needs that drive a DER. We are human after all, and everyone has NEEDS and WANTS and will mix a little of both in. To gain traction and wide adoption the masses have to pick this up, and DER becomes something you do because you are renovating your house anyway, not the sole driver.” – Tyler Hermanson of 4 Elements Integrated Design Ltd. (p.12, A Guide to Deep Energy Retrofits)


 Image from: p.13, A Guide to Deep Energy Retrofits

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