Industry Leader Profile: David Campbell


Name: David Campbell
Organization:  Homestretch – Director of Development and Construction

Description / Background

David Campbell is an experienced builder with a background that spans multiple sectors in carpentry and real estate development, starting his journey in the construction industry back in 2007. His expertise ranges from smaller scale infill development and construction projects to substantial multifamily residential projects involving townhomes and apartments ranging from 16 to 250 units. While he’s a relatively recent entrant to the emissions-neutral building field, David recently completed his first Passive House certified building in North Glenora. This endeavour into construction stemmed from his aspiration to innovate and strive for environmental performance.  

Looking ahead, David imagines a promising future for emissions-neutral and high-performance buildings in Alberta. He perceives the industry to be in its early stages within Alberta, lagging behind more developed areas. However, with younger generations increasingly seeking energy efficient housing options, he anticipates an increase in demand for such buildings and options. 


Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself and your background in the field of emissions neutral buildings? 

A: I’m David Campbell and I’ve been building since 2007.  My education is a mix between carpentry and real estate development and my experience is mixed between some smaller scale infill development and construction (1-16 units) and large multifamily projects (townhomes and apartments between 100 and 250 units). I’m new to the field of emissions-neutral buildings as I’ve just completed my first project in this area (the T5M Connect 16 unit Passive House Building in North Glenora).  My involvement in this field came from a desire to do better and to learn something new.


Q: How did you get involved in this industry?

A: The same way I get involved in anything – I made up my mind to do it and then just jumped in over my head and learned along the way.


Q: Did you take specific training?

A: I took the PHIUS certified builder training which was very helpful to give me the basics and get me started thinking in ways I had not about details that are not commonly considered or given enough attention.


Q: Did someone mentor you?

A: I wouldn’t say I was mentored; I did have the privilege of working with a whole bunch of people that were a lot more knowledgeable than I was.  When you are a developer/builder you are relying on having knowledgeable consultants to help you along the way with design and specifications.  So the high performance aspect of the project just took that to the next level.


Q: What advice would you give to aspiring professionals who are interested in contributing to the development and implementation of emissions neutral buildings? 

A: Just keep learning and trying to do things the best you can.  You don’t have to get all the way on your first try and you will find that even making an attempt puts you into a very small group of people trying to do the same.


Q: What do you find most interesting/challenging/exciting about the job?

A: Learning new things.  Sometimes you are trying to solve a problem or think through how an assembly goes together and you end up with a solution you had never considered and it opens your mind.  I also like seeing how the system works at the end and then going back to consider what we did correctly and what changes I would make if I did it again.


Q: How do you see the industry progressing in the next few years?

A: I feel emissions-neutral or high-performance building is just in it’s infancy in Alberta but is way further developed in other places.   As younger generations start looking for homes, they are going to demand these types of buildings and that demand is what we need to really increase this component of the industry

David Campbell
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