Net-Zero / Low Energy Plus Passive House

Author/Contributor: SSRIA, Homes by Sorensen, Frank Crawford, Passive House Alberta, Nicol Design

Alberta Context: A Net-Zero/Passive House located in Calgary, Alberta.

Summary: This project explores the option of constructing to net-zero and Passive House standards. It aims to create an affordable, multi-generational, net-zero, Passive House Low Energy build with no operational Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. 

It incorporates a unique wall system, testing of a Sanden SANCO2 heat pump, and detailed monitoring to assess outcomes, providing a scalable solution for reducing GHG emissions in residential development markets.

Through innovative and collaborative design and construction processes,  the build eliminates both operational and embodied GHG emissions while maintaining affordability for cold weather climates. 

This case study includes a learning session with a detailed analysis of the incremental cost of building to Passive House standards in Alberta. 

Check out the project findings and summary here

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