2. NBC – Alberta Edition Performance Vs Prescriptive Video

Author/Contributor: BILD Alberta, Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI), Alberta Safety Codes Council

Alberta Context:  This video provides an overview of the differences between the performance and prescriptive compliance paths in the National Building Code – Alberta Edition. It covers the requirements for both compliance paths and offers considerations to help you choose the right one.


The 2023 National Building Code – Alberta Edition came into effect on May 1, 2024, and the Government of Alberta set Tier 1 as the standard province-wide.

Watch the video to get the full summary.  It’s the second resource in a six-part video series from BILD Alberta, the Professional Home Builders Institute (PHBI), and the Alberta Safety Codes Council.  For those who missed it, you can watch the first video of the series here – “Overview of the 2023 National Building Code – Alberta Edition”.

Video timestamps: 

Prescriptive Tiered Codes 1:28

  • 9.36.2 to 9.36.4 

Performance Compliance Paths 14:37

Which Path to Choose? 25:48

  • What are you trying to achieve? Cost efficiency or energy efficiency?

Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) 31:45

Prescriptive 32:05

  • 9.36.2 to 9.36.4
    • Climate Zone (HDD)
    • Calculations showing RSI for all assemblies
    • Window U-Value OR Energy Rating (ER)
    • Mechanical Systems
    • Domestic Water Heating
  • For 9.36.8
    • Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) and how they were awarded
    • Supporting documentation and calculations 

Performance 32:55

  • 9.36.5
    • Construction assemblies effective RSI values
    • Facing direction (orientation)
    • Climate zone (HDD)
    • Proposed windows
    • Proposed mechanical systems
    • Proposed domestic water heating 
    • ACH modeled
    • Fenestration Door Wall Ratio (FDWR)
    • Energy Consumption Comparison
  • 9.36.7
    • Peak cooling load comparison
    • Building envelope improvement


  • EnerGuide
  • Letter of engagement from a Registered Energy Advisor

Summary 36:39

Reference Links:

Explore these resources to ensure you’re up to date with the latest building code standards and make informed decisions for your projects. Watch the video to get the full summary and details.

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