Interactive Thermal Bridging Calculation Tool

Author/Contributor:  Morrison Hershfield (Stantec), Evoke, OPEN Technologies

Alberta Context: 

This tool was created in Western Canada and some of the details lend themselves to Alberta design and construction.  Its utility extends to projects within Alberta, given that thermal bridging calculations remain consistent across the country. The only variable is the Heating Degree Days (HDD), which differ across climate zones and locations.


With the requirement of calculating effective R-values in the new building energy codes, the Building Envelope Thermal Bridging Guide is a good initial resource for understanding the underlying methodology of thermal bridging and conducting detailed thermal transmittance calculations tailored to specific projects.

The website tool offers a printable guide and video modules to assist.  Additionally, the Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx) developed a Playbook titled “Dealing with Thermal Bridging in Net-Zero Energy-Ready Building Design” which provides insight into addressing thermal bridging during early design stages and effectively mitigating it for net-zero energy-ready buildings.

Image source: Thermal Envelope (

Image source: Thermal Envelope

The tool includes over 600 details in a resource catalogue with construction types from concrete to wood-framed and timber. Additionally, it features proprietary product filters such as ACS Composite Systems, AFCC, Armatherm, BV Glazing, CL-Talon, Cascadia, Dow Corning, and ECO Cladding.

Interact with the tool here.

If you would like to see specific wall constructions modeled, please contact the ENBIX team here.

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