1955 Bungalow Deep Energy Retrofit

Author/Contributor: SSRIA, SAIT, Retrofit Canada, 4 Elements Integrated Design

Alberta Context: This is a Calgary, Alberta based residential deep energy retrofit to Net Zero. 

Summary: This Albertan homeowner and contractor completed a full Deep Energy Retrofit to Net Zero as part of a 3 Case Study project with support from SSRIA. 

The goals of this project in Calgary, Alberta were operational Net Zero, electrification & solar PV, and preferred use of sustainable/recyclable insulation material.  

“Phase 1 consisted of:

  • attic & roof improvements.  Existing insulation, 2 chimneys, 2 bath fan vents, & the main plumbing stack penetrations were removed, all leaks were manually sealed.  Shingles were replaced and the perimeter attic/wall air barrier connection made with spray foam prior to blown in cellulose insulation.

Phase 2:

  • removal of natural gas appliances
  • install heat pump & fan coil, ERV, heat pump hot water tank & dryer, electric induction range & fireplace (& garage heat pump).  
  • gas meter removal
  • electrical service masts moved to the garage and upgraded to 200 amps available on local transformers

Phase 3:

  • removal of exterior vinyl, foam insulation, stucco, siding, and original windows
  • 8″ site built “Larsen” wall installed with 2×2, plywood girts, and exterior plumbed 2×2 prior to installation of new windows & doors
  • After mesh & cellulose install, Typar AWB was installed & tape sealed, and walls were strapped for install of vertical corrugated metal siding” 

(From: Retrofit Canada (2023) 1955 Bungalow Deep Energy Retrofit)

 Read the deep energy retrofit case study here.

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