North Glenora Multi-Unit Residential Built to Passive House Standards

Author/Contributor: SSRIA, T5M Connect Ltd., Homestretch, Alterna Energy, Flechas Architecture, ReNu Engineering

Alberta Context: Once certification is complete, this project in the North Glenora neighborhood of Edmonton infill will be the first multi-family Passive House in Alberta.

Summary: This case study can be used by builders and designers across Canada to explore the option of constructing to Passive House standard in multi-family residential applications.

The Passive House standard is primarily found in detached single-family homes. This project illustrates that infill opportunities can be built affordably to this standard and can increase the density of Passive Houses in established communities. 

The team’s aim was to develop a replicable model for multi-family infill housing.  To ensure that the model was replicable in other areas, they undertook the pilot project in one of Edmonton’s mature communities as these neighborhoods are plentiful and are in need of densification.

This case study includes a learning session with a detailed analysis of the incremental cost of building to Passive House standards in Alberta.  

Check out the project findings and summary here. View the learning session video at this link.

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