Alberta’s Emissions Neutral Building Information Exchange (ENBIX)

Author/Contributor: Alberta Ecotrust, City of Calgary, SSRIA, Calgary Construction Association

Alberta Context: This presentation covers research that was done specifically for the Alberta market about industry’s need for an Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange.

Summary: Alberta Ecotrust Foundation in partnership with the City of Calgary, Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA), and the Calgary Construction Association ran a half-year engagement activity with industry in Calgary to determine what would be required to develop an industry-led organization to help build knowledge and skills around emissions neutral buildings that contribute towards Calgary’s climate goals. 

This activity was called “Shaping the Exchange”, and the recorded virtual session from October 24th, 2023 explores what it discovered and what is next for Alberta’s “Emissions Neutral Building Information Exchange” (ENBIX).

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