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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX). Over the last year Alberta Ecotrust has been working with partners at the City of Edmonton and their Emissions Neutral Buildings Advisory Group, the City of Calgary, and with industry leaders like the Calgary Construction Association, and the Smart Sustainable Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) to develop ENBIX. 

We created ENBIX to support Alberta’s building and construction industry as it decarbonizes buildings through retrofits and adopts higher-tier building codes, whether or not those standards become law. 

Commercial and residential buildings are a major source of greenhouse gas emissions across Canada. While higher-tier building codes have not been adopted in Alberta, industry leaders understand the commercial and environmental imperative to decarbonize buildings and lead ahead of code rather than following.

Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment, in alignment with Canada’s 2050 emissions-reduction targets, and targets set by the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

ENBIX will provide access to resources to help industry make informed decisions on how to renovate and build emissions-neutral buildings in Alberta. By fostering knowledge-sharing around emissions-neutral building and retrofitting, ENBIX will help to reduce climate impacts, stimulate cleantech job opportunities, and support healthier indoor and outdoor environments. 

ENBIX is led and managed by the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, with funding from the City of Edmonton and City of Calgary. It is currently funded until 2027 and it has potential for growth with further funding. ENBIX is initially focused on Calgary and Edmonton, but we’re aiming  to make this exchange a province-wide initiative serving the building and construction industry across Alberta.  

Our Vision and Mission:

The Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX) is a collaborative platform. It provides access to training, educational and knowledge-building resources to accelerate an emissions-neutral built environment for new and existing buildings. ENBIX incubates the free and rapid sharing of innovative ideas, solutions, best practices and lessons learned by a broad cross-section of interested parties in the building and construction ecosystem.

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