New Partnership Accelerates Transition to Emissions-Neutral Buildings





Alberta Organizations Partner to Accelerate Transition to Emissions-Neutral Buildings

CALGARY, April 23, 2024 Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is partnering with the Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA) to advance the goals of its Emissions-Neutral Buildings Information Exchange (ENBIX) initiative. 

ENBIX is a collaborative initiative that brings industry together to share knowledge, build capacity, and support building and renovation practices across Alberta. This industry-led initiative aims to accelerate the transition to an emissions-neutral built environment for new and existing buildings in Alberta.

“SSRIA has played a pivotal role in shaping ENBIX from its inception, and we are thrilled to have them officially join ENBIX’s collaborative network as a partner,” says Andrea Linsky, Alberta Ecotrust Buildings Director. “ENBIX will draw on SSRIA’s expertise and forward-thinking ideas to help guide our strategic decisions. This is an opportunity to partner in order to build upon the fantastic work SSRIA is already leading”

Driving the development and establishment of emissions-neutral built environments requires innovative approaches and knowledge sharing. Through this partnership, SSRIA will lead the innovation work to achieve emissions-neutral buildings and ENBIX will amplify it to help develop capacity in the industry.

“SSRIA was created with collaboration as a core value, so we are very excited to join efforts with ENBIX to advance emissions-neutral buildings in Alberta,” says Pam Goertzen, founding Executive Director of SSRIA. “By growing our network and bringing innovation to the building industry, we will work swiftly and collaboratively to develop and apply solutions to transition to an emissions-neutral future.”

ENBIX is led and guided by the industry to ensure that all decisions reflect the realities of the Alberta building, construction, and renovation market and its needs. Industry collaboration, such as this partnership with SSRIA and other existing industry leaders, is essential to its success. 

ENBIX is an industry collaboration led by Alberta Ecotrust, with financial support from its Climate Innovation Fund and the cities of Edmonton and Calgary. To find emissions-neutral building resources, learning opportunities and programs, please visit

About Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Alberta Ecotrust is an environmental charity working to create a healthier environment for all Albertans. Alberta Ecotrust is a founding member of the Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) network and as such it received an endowment from the federal government to create the Climate Innovation Fund. The Fund provides a suite of programs to complement and advance the climate leadership work undertaken by the cities of Calgary and Edmonton.

LC3 supports cities and communities in reaching their carbon emissions reduction potential. This initiative is implemented in partnership among seven local centres and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). Funded by a Government of Canada endowment through FCM, LC3 is part of a national investment in municipal climate action to accelerate urban climate solutions and to help achieve Canada’s climate goal of net-zero by 2050.

Alberta Ecotrust respectfully acknowledges that the province of Alberta comprises Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 territory, the traditional lands of First Nations and Métis Peoples

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About the Smart Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure Association (SSRIA)
SSRIA provides support and growth opportunities for companies in the building industry that want to be low-carbon leaders. They provide support through demonstration project funding, business growth services, and the latest expertise in innovative low-carbon building technologies, products, and practices. SSRIA is driving change for a zero-carbon built environment with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, expert-led due diligence, and economic development. SSRIA will accelerate the adoption of innovative low-carbon solutions for buildings. SSRIA’s collaborative approach and industry-led solutions will demonstrate Canadian leadership and drive economic development

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Photo of ENBIX & SSRIA teams

Left to right: Andrea Johancsik – ENBIX, Alex Joseph – SSRIA, Daniel Benner – SSRIA, Juan Monterrosa – ENBIX, Pam Goertzen – SSRIA, Andrea Linsky – ENBIX, and Kate Woloshyn – ENBIX.

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