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Report on the electrification of residential buildings in Alberta, covering aspects such as the Watt Diet, appliance swapping, load-sharing devices, and a few examples of …
The most extensive panelized Deep Energy Retrofit carried out in Canada, and it’s in Edmonton!
Ready to transform your home into an energy-saving powerhouse? Learn more about creating an energy retrofit plan for your home.
A case study that can be used by builders and designers to explore the option of constructing to Passive House standard in multi-family residential applications.
A guide for building professionals whose work provides opportunities for energy efficiency upgrades and Deep Energy Retrofits.
A resource for builders to attend training, webinars, access contact lists etc. to learn of options to build to net-zero and how to provide information …
Is a Net Zero Renovation right for your home? Whether you own a single detached, townhome, duplex, or rowhouse, homeowners can take this 10 question …
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